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STRIVE is a successful mentoring and leadership program supporting the mission of higher education through development of high-potential employees. A University “best practice” program in succession planning and leadership development, it fosters a diverse and integrated group of motivated, invested and empowered employees eager to assume leadership roles. The 4-year program catalyzes innovation, emphasizes performance, focuses on effectiveness and solutions, expands situational influence, explores the unknowns and moves participants beyond their comfort zone.



mentoring partnerships

Mentoring Partnership

A mentoring partnership for each participant is invaluable to personal and professional growth by broadening perspective, strengthening self-esteem, and creating meaningful engagement.

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Recognizing that diversity extends beyond race, gender, ethnicity, age and sexual orientation to thought, skill and passions – the program’s monthly meetings provide a safe space for confronting differences, passionately advocating points of view, and challenging the status quo.

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